Ana Campos

  • Les petits précis constituent une entrée en matière à la fois rigoureuse et accessible aux sujets ésotériques.
    Cette collection s'attache à donner les clés de chaque thème et vous aide à en intégrer les bienfaits, vertus ou pouvoirs dans votre quotidien.
    - Rêves.
    - Chamanisme.
    - Féminin sacré.
    - Reiki.
    - Astro.
    - Numérologie.
    - Lignes de la main.

  • The present volume collects a number of works that draw on some of the most relevant disciplines in Translation Studies. All the papers are written in either English or French, and have been grouped into four sections devoted to illustrate the type of interdisciplinary approach adopted in each of the areas of translation under study. The papers draw on different theoretical models and borrow various research methods from neighbouring disciplines. But they all share the common aim of gaining further insight into translation as a text product, a cognitive process, a profession and a teaching field. Works such as the volume presented here contribute to foster collaboration both at an interdisciplinary and international level. The conclusions and implications from these papers may bring us a step closer to understand not only translation and interpreting, but also other communication, cognitive and social processes involved in translating. Their shared enterprise may promote the sort of cooperation and teamwork needed to shape the different interdisciplinary inquiries into a common research agenda of the type needed to have data and results finally converging into a unified theory.