• Culinary explorer Tom Vandenberghe and food photographer Luk Thys journey to Japan for new tales of cooking and travel! With their eye for authenticity and a nose for delicious dishes, they stroll the bustling cities of Tokyo, Fukuoka and Osaka in their quest for culinary discoveries.
    Accompanied by Miho and Tomoko - two ladies with Japanese cooking in their genes - Tom and Luk share their most remarkable findings, the hottest addresses and the tastiest Japanese dishes. Immerse yourself in Japan's inspirational culture and gastronomy.

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  • Japan tranquility and tumult Nouv.

    - More than a simple travel guide, this is a book filled with splendid photos and is a must-have for all lovers of Japan - By scanning the QR code, you can access the updated online guide to find out about all the places of interest nearby when you are traveling in the country A new travel guide to Japan, illustrated by extraordinary photos, that avoids clichés while exploring the country's mythical places. Admire Tokyo in all of its tranquility, Kyoto under the charm of the geishas, Osaka full of tumult, but also Mount Fuji and many other must-see destinations. Going beneath the surface, Nicolas Wauters describes the Japanese way of life, their traditions and their festivals. The images are accompanied by a QR code that allows access to constantly updated data. No need to search in the pages of your book, you are geolocated and nearby places of interest are immediately displayed.