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    Luan Goldie

    LONGLISTED FOR THE WOMEN''S PRIZE FOR FICTION 2020 LONGLISTED FOR THE RSL ONDAATJE PRIZE 2020 A BBC RADIO 2 BOOK CLUB PICK THE DEBUT NOVEL FROM THE COSTA SHORT STORY AWARD WINNER ''A sharp, funny, wonderful writer'' Diana Evans, bestselling author of Ordinary People ''Compelling...finely crafted, compassionate'' Guardian ''A warm, confident writer with the lightest of touches '' Observer ''Pacey and powerful'' Mail on Sunday ''The type of story that will stay with you long after you''ve read the last page'' Closer ''Brilliant...touches on race, mental health and community in a fresh way'' Good Housekeeping ''Flawlessly portrayed...A riveting read'' Candis * * * * * On an ordinary Saturday morning in 1996, the residents of Nightingale Point wake up to their normal lives and worries. Mary has a secret life that no one knows about, not even Malachi and Tristan, the brothers she vowed to look after. Malachi had to grow up too quickly. Between looking after Tristan and nursing a broken heart, he feels older than his twenty-one years. Tristan wishes Malachi would stop pining for Pamela. No wonder he''s falling in with the wrong crowd, without Malachi to keep him straight. Elvis is trying hard to remember to the instructions his care worker gave him, but sometimes he gets confused and forgets things. Pamela wants to run back to Malachi but her overprotective father has locked her in and there''s no way out. It''s a day like any other, until something extraordinary happens. When the sun sets, Nightingale Point is irrevocably changed and somehow, through the darkness, the residents must find a way back to lightness, and back to each other. * * * * * Readers love Nightingale Point : ''A beautiful and heartbreaking story about working-class people and their lives both before and after tragedy'' ''I couldn''t put it down... a beautiful story of staying strong when it matters most'' '' A triumphant debut ...This book pops, fizzes and sparkles to life'' ''A must read masterpiece ''

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    Melanie Golding

    ''Atmospheric and very creepy'' The Guardian ''Goosebump-inducing...Unforgettable'' Woman & Home ''Unforgettable...One suspects that the real sorceress here is Golding, whose writing has given a voice to every wronged mother'' The New York Times ''Chilling story...stunning'' Clare Mackintosh ''Taps into every woman''s fear that she will not be believed'' Mel McGrath, author of The Guilty Party * * * * THE TWINS ARE CRYING. THE TWINS ARE HUNGRY. LAUREN IS CRYING. LAUREN IS EXHAUSTED. Behind the hospital curtain, someone is waiting . . . A terrifying encounter in the middle of the night leaves Lauren convinced someone is trying to steal her new-born twins. Desperate with fear, she locks herself and her sons in the bathroom until the police arrive. When DS Joanna Harper picks up the list of reported overnight incidents, she expects the usual calls from drunks and wrong numbers. But then a report of an attempted abduction catches her eye. The only thing is that it was flagged as a false alarm just fifteen minutes later. But Harper chooses to investigate anyway. There''s nothing on the CCTV, and yet Lauren claims that the woman is still after her children. No one will listen to Lauren - except Harper. And now Harper must ask herself, is Lauren mad, or does she see something no one else can? * * * * Readers can''t stop raving about Little Darlings : ''Every mother will see themselves in Lauren... taut with suspense '' '' You just need to read it and let the creepiness and uneasiness set in'' ''A disturbing and spine-chilling tale...This tale will keep readers on the edge of their seat'' ''A unique, haunting story that stays with you long after finishing it''

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    ''A beguiling exploration of how flexibility can contribute to creativity, purpose and happiness.'' Justine Roberts, founder of Mumsnet ''Straight-talking self-help... Inspiring words, practical help and a fresh way of seeing things that we''ll be forcing on just about everyone we know.'' Stylist ''A no-nonsense guide to thinking and behaving more flexibly in order to have a happier, better, less frenetic life'' Marie Claire As featured in Sunday Times Style , Stella , Stylist , Grazia , The Sun , Bustle , Marie Claire Reinventing the rules for a smarter, happier life. Flex is a creative, rebellious way to live. It''s about looking at routines (like the nine to five) and social norms (like women bearing the brunt of the ''emotional load'' at home) and bending and re-shaping them. Flex is looking within and understanding yourself, your body and the patterns of your relationships, and working out how to live, earn money and be happy in a way that is perfect for you and your unique talents. Flex is knowing that the world is changing fast. The jobs we were trained for in school won''t exist in a decade. The career ladder has been replaced with the portfolio. If you feel stuck, tired, not at your best, bored... this book is for you. If you are burning with ideas but stuck in an environment that squashes them... this book is for you. If you are a rebel at heart... this book is for you. Flex is reinventing the rules for a smarter, happier future.

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    Sarah Morgan

    ''Comfort reading at its best, all wrapped up in a tartan ribbon. Sarah Morgan will make your Christmas!'' Veronica Henry * * * * * Join Sarah Morgan this Christmas and treat yourself to this feel-good festive read about mothers and daughters, romance and drama, and Christmastime in Scotland! It''s not what''s under the Christmas tree, but who''s around it that matters most. All Suzanne McBride wants for Christmas is her three daughters happy and at home. But when sisters Posy, Hannah and Beth return to their family home in the Scottish Highlands, old tensions and buried secrets start bubbling to the surface. Suzanne is determined to create the perfect family Christmas, but the McBrides must all face the past and address some home truths before they can celebrate together . . . This Christmas indulge in some me-time and enjoy this uplifting and heart-warming story from international bestseller Sarah Morgan. Full of romance, laughter and sisterly drama, The Christmas Sisters is the perfect book to curl up with this festive season. * * * * * What readers are saying about The Christmas Sisters : ''Perfect to snuggle up with in front of a fire with a mug of hot chocolate'' ''Practically perfect in every way!'' ''Likeable characters, the dialogue was spot on and it''s all wrapped up in the wonderful Scottish Highlands setting '' ''It''s warm and cuddly and cosy - perfect switch-off, feel-good reading''

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    From ''one of the greatest writers of our time'' (Toni Morrison) - the author of Their Eyes Were Watching God and Barracoon - a collection of remarkable short stories from the Harlem Renaissance With a foreword by Tayari Jones, author of An American Marriage ''Genius'' Alice Walker ''Rigorous, convincing, dazzling'' Zadie Smith on Their Eyes Were Watching God In 1925, college student Zora Neale Hurston - the sole black student at Barnard College, New York - was living in the city, ''desperately striving for a toe-hold on the world.'' During this period, she began writing short works that captured the zeitgeist of African American life and transformed her into one of the central figures of the Harlem Renaissance. Nearly a century later, this singular talent is recognised as one of the most influential and revered American artists of the modern period. Hitting a Straight Lick with a Crooked Stick is an outstanding collection of stories about love and migration, gender and class, racism and sexism that proudly reflect African American folk culture. Brought together for the first time in one volume, they include eight of Hurston''s ''lost'' Harlem stories, which were found in forgotten periodicals and archives. These stories challenge conceptions of Hurston as an author of rural fiction and include gems that flash with her biting, satiric humour, as well as more serious tales reflective of the cultural currents of Hurston''s world. All are timeless classics that enrich our understanding and appreciation of this exceptional writer''s voice and her contributions to America''s literary traditions.

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  • If you enjoyed One Summer in Paris , don''t miss Sarah Morgan''s wonderful new book, Family for Beginners ! ''A complete joy. It''s a glorious, summery read full of warmth, humour and poignancy, against the perfect romantic backdrop'' Cressida McLaughlin, author of The Cornish Cream Tea Bus ''An uplifting tale of courage, strength and above all friendship, with a sprinkling of romance and an adorable Parisian backdrop - what''s not to love? Be prepared to be hooked'' Anna Bell, author of We Just Clicked ''The perfect summer holiday read . . . a touching and emotional story about friendship, independence and opening yourself up to new experiences'' Heat ''The perfect blend of light-hearted and poignant . . . A triumph for sisterhood and the perfect read for a warm day'' Woman ''Another charming read'' HELLO! * * * * * One charming bookshop, two unlikely friends, and a summer in Paris that will change their lives forever... Grace can''t believe it when her husband of twenty-five years announces he doesn''t want to join her on their anniversary trip to Paris - instead, he wants a divorce. Reeling from the shock, Grace makes the bold decision to go on this holiday of a lifetime alone. Audrey leaves behind heartache of her own when she arrives in Paris. A job in a bookshop is her ticket to freedom, but with no knowledge of the French language, her summer adventure seems doomed to fail. Until she meets Grace, and everything changes... Living in neighbouring apartments above the bookshop, Grace and Audrey form an unlikely friendship. They came to Paris to find themselves, but finding each other might be the best thing that''s ever happened to them. * * * * * Readers have fallen for One Summer in Paris ! ''Morgan is a pro when it comes to writing a feel-good yarn , and you cannot get help but get immersed in her storytelling'' ''The only thing you really need to know is that this is Morgan''s best novel to date '' ''Sarah has woven a beautiful story into the tapestry of Paris, and the little book shop...A very worthwhile read'' ''A story for all ages as everyone will relate to at least one of the main characters. I shall be recommending it to all my friends ''

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    Amanda Jennings

    Doesn''t every marriage have a dark side ? ''Beautifully written, chilling and absorbing'' Adele Parks, Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author of Lies Lies Lies and Just My Luck ''Her best novel yet... Twisty, malevolent and gripping'' Lisa Jewell, No. 1 bestselling author of The Family Upstairs To the outside world Hannah married the perfect man. Behind the closed doors of their imposing home it''s a very different story. Nathan controls everything Hannah does. He chooses her clothes, checks her receipts, and keeps her passport locked away. But why does she let him? Years before, in the midst of a relentless storm, the tragic events of one night changed everything. And Hannah has been living with the consequences ever since. Keeping Nathan happy. Doing as she''s told. But the past is about to catch up with them. Set against the unforgiving backdrop of a Cornish fishing port in the ''90s, this is a devastating exploration of the power of coercive control in a marriage where nothing is quite as it seems... Praise for The Storm : ''Beautifully written, chilling and absorbing'' Adele Parks ''Her best novel yet... Twisty, malevolent and gripping... The dark and craggy Cornwall backdrop is exquisitely drawn and the sense of foreboding that runs through the whole novel is masterfully done'' Lisa Jewell ''A dark, sinister story with a cracking twist'' The Sun ''Evocative and affecting'' Crime Monthly ''An evocative story of coercive control... She''s at her very best here: warm-hearted, darkly atmospheric, and wholly addictive''Lucy Atkins ''Suspenseful, beautifully written, and utterly compelling'' Alice Feeney ''A brilliant book. Gripping, intelligent, and beautifully written'' Cass Green ''Chilling and atmospheric... will keep you gripped in its clutches until the final page'' My Weekly ''This deftly tackles the issues surrounding coercive control in a way that feels both authentic and surprising, while the twists and turns just keep on coming'' Heat ''Vivid and evocative, the beautifully drawn characters and Cornish setting will linger in your mind long after you''ve turned the final page'' Lucy Dawson ''Unravelling the secrets that lie beneath a toxic marriage. Beautifully crafted and chilling'' Colette McBeth

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    Luan Goldie

    THE BEAUTIFUL NEW NOVEL FROM THE COSTA SHORT STORY AWARD WINNER AND AUTHOR OF WOMEN''S PRIZE FOR FICTION LONGLISTED AND BBC RADIO 2 BOOK CLUB PICK NIGHTINGALE POINT ''A sharp, funny, wonderful writer'' Diana Evans, bestselling author of Ordinary People ''Every character in the novel is observed with such incisive precision that they all feel entirely real to me now ... Masterfully written'' Beth O''Leary, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Flatshare ''A thoughtful novel about family, friendship and fitting in'' Red magazine ''A beautiful story about family, relationships and love'' Prima ''This emotionally charged story highlights the complexities of love, grief and forgiveness . . . Homecoming will have you racing to join the dots from start to finish'' Heat ''Thought-provoking . . . this engaging novel focuses on love, family and identity'' Good Housekeeping ''A gripping read'' East Anglian Daily Times * * * * * For years Yvonne has tried to keep her demons buried and focus on moving forward. But her guilt is always with her and weighs heavily on her heart. Kiama has had to grow up without a mother, and while there is so much he remembers about her, there is still plenty he doesn''t know. And there''s only one person who can fill in the gaps. When Kiama seeks Yvonne out and asks her to come with him to Kenya, the place that holds the answers to his questions, she knows she can''t refuse. And this one act sets in motion an unravelling of the past that no one is ready for. Moving between London and Kenya, and spanning almost two decades, Homecoming is a profound and moving story of love, family and friendship. It''s about coming to terms with your past, opening yourself up to the exquisite pain and pleasure of love, and of what happens when three lost souls, all bound by one person, come together and finally share their truths.

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    THE MOST IMPORTANT NOVEL YOU''LL READ THIS YEAR Not every story is black and white. Riley and Jen have been best friends since they were children, and they thought their bond was unbreakable. It never mattered to them that Riley is black and Jen is white. And then Jen''s husband, a Philadelphia police officer, is involved in the shooting of an unarmed black teenager and everything changes in an instant. This one act could destroy more than just Riley and Jen''s friendship. As their community takes sides, so must Jen and Riley, and for the first time in their lives the lifelong friends find themselves on opposing sides. But can anyone win a fight like this? We Are Not Like Them is about friendship and love. It''s about prejudice and betrayal. It''s about standing up for what you believe in, no matter the cost.



    M A Kuzniar

    In the darkness of night, magic awaits...

    The Nutcracker for adults, perfect for fans of Robert Dinsdale''s The Toymakers , Erin Morgenstern''s The Night Circus and Stephanie Garber''s Caraval ''It was a rainy day that the magic came, and once magic has entered your life, you stay in its glittering clutch forever'' Nottingham, 1906 Marietta Stelle longs to be a ballerina but as Christmas draws nearer, her dancing days are numbered. At the wishes of her family, she will be obligated to marry and take up her place in society in the New Year. But when a mysterious new neighbour, Dr Drosselmeier, purchases a neighbouring townhouse, it heralds the arrival of magic and wonder in her life. Although Drosselmeier''s magic is darker than Marietta could have imagined...
    When he constructs an elaborate set for her final ballet performance, she discovers it carries a magic all of its own. As the clock chimes midnight, Marietta finds herself walking through a land of snow-topped fir trees leading to a frozen sugar palace silent with secrets.

    In the darkness of night, magic awaits and you will never forget what you find here...



    Alice Feeney

    The phenomenal new thriller from the international bestselling author of Sometimes I Lie .

    Ten years of marriage.

    Ten years of secrets.

    An anniversary they''ll never forget.

    PRAISE FOR ALICE FEENEY ''A twisty, gripping thriller'' The Sunday Times ''A bold and original voice'' Clare Mackintosh ''Marvellous'' A. J. Finn ''Fiendishly well-plotted'' Lucy Foley ''I loved it'' B A Paris ''You will NEVER guess the ending of this one!'' Louise Candlish ''Stunning, addictive'' Samantha Downing ''The ultimate rollercoaster reading experience'' Woman & Home

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    Linwood Barclay

    One will change your life. One will end it. Who will ... FIND YOU FIRST?

    ''It''s the best book of his career'' STEPHEN KING ''A full-throttle powerhouse of a thriller'' TM LOGAN ''Rambunctious ... full of sharply drawn fools and knaves'' SUNDAY TIMES ''A rip-roaring roller-coaster of a ride'' DAILY MAIL It''s a deadly race against time...
    Tech billionaire Miles has more money than he can ever spend, and everything he could dream of - except time. Now facing a terminal illness, Miles knows he must seize every minute to put his life in order.And that means taking a long hard look at his past.
    Somewhere out there, Miles has children.And they might be about to inherit both the good and bad from him - possibly his fortune, or possibly something more sinister.
    So Miles decides to track down his missing children. But a vicious killer is one step ahead of him. One by one, people are vanishing. Not just disappearing, every trace of them is wiped.
    Number One Sunday Times bestseller Linwood Barclay returns with his electrifying new thriller, Find You First .


    '' Find You First starts with a bang and ends with an even bigger one. Barclay is a terrific writer, but he''s outdone himself with this. It''s the best book of his career. I couldn''t put it down, and you won''t be able to, either. If you enjoy thrillers, this is the real deal. It never lets up'' STEPHEN KING ''A full-throttle powerhouse of a thriller - Linwood Barclay is in a class of his own'' TM LOGAN ''Barclay has a knack for turning news stories or social trends into rambunctious black-comedy thrillers full of sharply drawn fools and knaves'' SUNDAY TIMES , THRILLER OF THE MONTH ''A fast-moving, high-concept thriller from the talented Barclay ... a rip-roaring roller-coaster of a ride'' DAILY MAIL ''Pre-COVID I would have described this as the perfect beach read (remember them?) but it will do just as good a job on a staycation'' EVENING STANDARD ''Linwood Barclay''s thrillers move at breakneck speed ... pacy, exciting'' WOMAN & HOME ''A tightly plotted tale that moves at a helter-skelter pace'' BEST

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    Two lonely people.

    One note in the window.

    And what happens when they reach out...

    Lachlan Wallace is stuck at home after a car accident stalled his army career. With months of physiotherapy still to endure and only his rescue dog and cat for company, he''s taken to gazing out of the window, watching the world spin on without him. And then he notices a vase of flowers on the windowsill of the apartment opposite his. Drawn to their hope and colour, he decides to reach out and sticks a message in his window...
    Bethan Gwynne is a stranger in a new town. Bringing up her son Noahby herself, she is slowly rebuilding her life, but loneliness is one obstacle she has yet to overcome. She''s intrigued by a glimpse of her neighbour in the apartment across from hers - and then, one evening, she sees a message in his window just for her:


    And so begins a love story of two people reaching out, daring to trust a stranger...
    * * * * Praise for Miranda Dickinson ''An engrossing love story, beautifully written'' Sarah Morgan, Sunday Times bestseller ''Perfection in page form. A book that seeps into your soul, warms your heart and makes your brain sigh'' Milly Johnson, Sunday Times bestseller ''Oh my heart, this book! What a story. It''s so achingly tender and bittersweet, and a spark of true joy. I adored every page'' Josie Silver, Sunday Times bestselling author of One Day in December ''Breathtakingly romantic and utterly captivating'' Cathy Bramley, Sunday Times bestseller

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    The brand new love story from the Number One Sunday Times bestselling author - coming August 2021 When their lips touch, will she seal his fate?

    From the outside, Lorelai is an ordinary young woman with a normal life. She loves reading, she works at the local cinema and she adores living with her best friend. But she carries a painful burden, something she''s kept hidden for years; whenever she kisses someone on the lips, she sees how they are going to die. But she''s never known if she''s seeing what was always meant to be, or if her kiss is the thing that decides their destiny. And so, she hasn''t kissed anyone since she was eighteen.
    Then she meets Grayson. Sweet, clever, funny Grayson. And for the first time in years she yearns for a man''s kiss. But she can''t...or can she? And if she does, should she try to intervene and change what she sees?

    Spellbinding, magical and utterly original, With This Kiss is one love story you will never forget.