Revue internationale de philosophie t.266; sidgwick

Anglais Revue internationale de philosophie t.266; sidgwick (édition en anglais)

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The last few years will go down as vitally important ones for the legacy of Henry Sidgwick. Sidgwick (1838-1900) was a very well-connected Victorian-era ethical and political philosopher - and classicist, political economist, educational reformer, literary critic, and parapsychologist - who spent his entire adult life at Cambridge University and authored three major treatises, The Methods of Ethics (1874), The Principles of Political Economy (1883), and The Elements of Politics (1891). Like John Stuart Mill, he was a many-sided figure, and one who has often been described as marking the culmination of the classical utilitarian tradition, albeit in a qualifi ed and revised form that sought to support utilitarianism and ethical hedonism by resort to an epistemology of cognitivist intuitionism. But in 2011, Sidgwick's life and legacy have been recontextualized and reconstructed in ways surpassing all previous expectations.

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